Info and FAQs

We have found that there is much misinformation floating around out there and often tenants are confused about what their rights are. Your Landlord should provide you with a two-page document from the Landlord Tenant Board outlining what your rights as a tenant are, and what you can expect from your landlord.

You have the right to:

•security of tenancy – You can continue to live in your rental unit until you give your landlord proper notice that you intend to move out, you and your landlord agree that you can move, or your landlord gives you a notice to end your tenancy for a reason allowed by the Act.

•privacy – Your landlord can only enter your rental unit for the reasons allowed by the Act. In most cases, before entering your unit, your landlord must give you 24 hours written notice. There are some exceptions, however, such as in the case of an emergency or if you agree to allow the landlord to enter.

You are responsible for:

•paying your rent on time.

•keeping your unit clean, up to the standard that most people would consider ordinary or normal cleanliness.

•repairing any damage to the rental property caused by you or your guests – whether on purpose or by not being careful enough.

You are not allowed to:

•change the locking system on a door that gives entry to your rental unit unless you get your landlord’s permission.

Your landlord has the right to:

•collect a rent deposit – It cannot be more than one month’s rent, or if rent is paid weekly, one week’s rent. This deposit must be used as the rent payment for the last month or week of your tenancy. It cannot be used for any other reason, such as to pay for damages. A landlord must pay interest on the deposit every year.

•increase the rent – There are special rules that limit how often your landlord can increase the rent and by how much. In most cases, a landlord can increase the rent only once a year by the guideline that is set by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. A landlord must give a tenant at least 90 days notice in writing of any rent increase and this notice must be on the proper form. Exceptions: New units, non-profit and public housing units, residences at schools, colleges and universities, and certain other accommodation are not covered by all the rent rules.

Your landlord is responsible for:

•keeping the rental property in a good state of repair and obeying health, safety and maintenance standards.

•providing you with a copy of your written tenancy agreement within 21 days after the day you signed it and gave it to your landlord. If your tenancy agreement is not in writing, your landlord must give you written notice of their legal name and address within 21 days after your tenancy begins.

Your landlord is not allowed to:

•shut off or deliberately interfere with the supply of a vital service (heat, electricity, fuel, gas, or hot or cold water), care service or food that your landlord must provide under your tenancy agreement. However, your landlord is allowed to shut-off services temporarily if this is necessary to make repairs.

•take your personal property if you don’t pay your rent and you are still living in your rental unit.

•lock you out of your rental unit unless your landlord has an eviction order from the Board and the Sheriff comes to your rental unit to enforce it.

•insist that you pay your rent by post-dated cheque or automatic debit. These ways of paying your rent can be suggested, but you cannot be refused a rental unit or evicted for refusing to give them.

Why should I rent from ARCA Property Management?

ARCA Property Management is a professional, certified property management company with dedicated employees and more than 20 years experience in dealing with rental housing. We pride ourselves on treating each tenant with respect and professional courtesy, regardless of the price of your rent. We provide 24-hour emergency service. Our property management is handled in house, giving us much more control over the quality of service offered to our tenants.

How do I pay my Rent?

The best method is to pay by eTansfer. This ensures that your rent is always received on time, with a clear record of payment. Alternatively, you can deposit directly to the bank with post-dated cheques.

Do I need to pay first and last month’s rent?

YES. All ARCA tenants are required to sign a minimum one-year lease. Once your one-year lease has expired, you may renew for one year OR automatically go to month-to-month status. Regardless, both terms require that you provide the landlord with 60 days notice in writing before you vacate.

How much notice do I have to 

If you are on a month to month basis, we require 60 clear days notice in writing. All room mates are required to sign the notice to vacate and please forward to our office. If you wish to break your lease prior to expiry, please contact your Property Manager.  Please make use of the N9 form located on this website.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, this is required. You are not covered for losses to your personal property as a result of fire, theft or most other risks by the landlord’s insurance. Please contact your insurance company to obtain quotes on a Tenants package that best matches your needs. Alternatively, check out the link on our website and contact our insurance broker to receive the best rates possible.

Can I have a pet?

If your building is not designated a “Pet Free” building, then you may have a pet. There are specific bylaws in each town that specifically spell out how many pets you are allowed to have. These bylaws will be strictly adhered to, both for your health as well as the health of the other tenants in your building. The ONLY pets allowed are cats, dogs and fish. We ask tenants to sign a Pet Agreement Form, which outlines the rules and regulations regarding pets. Also, by signing this form, in the case of an emergency we will be aware that an animal resides in your unit and we will take steps accordingly.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

Contact us by email.

Can a landlord refuse to rent to me?

A landlord may refuse to rent to you, but there are Fair Housing Laws that protect tenants.  They must have a valid reason for not renting to you.

Can my landlord come in whenever they want?

NO.  Your landlord must provide you 24-hours notice in writing before entering your unit unless it is deemed an emergency.  An emergency includes water, fire, or anything that can cause potential damage to the building or other individuals.

What do I do with my recycling?

This depends on which building you live in.  This information should be found in your Welcome Package.  Alternatively, call the ARCA office to verify.

When I moved in, I did not have a vehicle, now I do. What should I do?

Great question!  Please call the ARCA office where your licence plate number and type of vehicle will be added to your tenant file.  The property managers will be able to advise you where you can park.

Where do my visitors park?

If there is visitor parking at your property, your guests may park in visitor parking.  If no visitor parking is available, then your guest must park on the street.  They MAY NOT park in another tenant’s spot – not even for a few moments.

Can I transfer between units or buildings?

We are happy to have our tenants stay with us for a long time and would welcome the opportunity to help you transition to one of our other rental properties, when the time is right for you

How do I get a rent receipt?

ARCA will automatically issue you a rent receipt in January of each year, for your income tax filing purposes. Normally, we do NOT issue any other receipts, unless rent is paid in cash. If there are two or more people on the lease, the rent receipt is issued in both names.

What happens if I move out before the end of my lease?

A lease is a binding contract and may not break this contract without the permission of your landlord. If you move out before the end of your lease, you will be sent to collections for the remainder of the lease. If you find that you are in a situation and you really need to break your lease, talk to ARCA Property Management and work with them to solve your unique situation.

How do I get my last month’s rent interest?

Last month rent interest is calculated once per year. Your landlord MAY issue you a cheque for your last month’s rent interest OR they may apply this interest to your last month rent deposit, rather than have you pay an increase each year to apply towards your last month rent deposit.

The amount of interest paid is determined annually by the province. This information is available on-line; however, please feel free to ask ARCA for the percentage amount.

Am I responsible if my roommate does not pay their rent?

In accordance to the Residential Tenancy Act, you are responsible for the unit. Therefore, you will be held responsible for any outstanding rent.

Am I responsible for cable?

Yes, each tenant is responsible for their own cable, phone and internet services. ARCA can help you find a local service provider in your area.

Can I have a satellite dish?

To limit damage to the property and liability, we do not allow a satellite dish to be installed.

Can I smoke in my unit?

Your lease contains a “no smoking in unit” clause that you are asked to respect.  For your own health as well as the health of others in your building, you are encouraged to go outside to smoke.  This will keep your unit cleaner and healthier for you.

Can I have a barbecue on my balcony?

NO.  The Fire Department does not allow barbecues on balconies.

Will I have to repair the walls when I leave if I hang artwork on pictures on them?

You will not be asked to repair the walls if you use the appropriate hardware to hang pictures and artwork.

What should I do if my neighbours are disturbing me?

We encourage tenants to first attempt to solve issues with neighbours amongst each other.  Wouldn’t you rather your neighbour tells you, nicely, that your music is playing too loudly and disturbing them, rather than receive a phone call for your landlord?  However, if you have attempted to politely discuss the disturbance issue with your neighbour and you are not able to resolve it amicably, then we ask that you call us to report the problem.

Where do I put my garbage and when is garbage day?

You will have been given a “move-in” package when you received your unit keys.  This should have been explained in the package. If you are unable to locate your package or need clarification, please call the office during normal business hours and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

Where do I do my laundry?

There may be laundry on-site at your building.  Your property manager should have discussed with you upon lease signing.  Check your Welcome Package that you received from ARCA – it should be highlighted in your package.  If not, please call the ARCA office and ask the staff where the closest laundry facility is.